Why Free? Theatre is the life! We live theatre. Its our lives, passion, and we truly believe the conversations started in a theatre can heal, educate and help grow our community and the world. We may be idealistic, but we believe that art should be accessible to anyone and everyone. In a world where we are constantly powered up, attached to our screens, alerted by beeps and tied to our devices... truthful human connection goes a long way. That's why we offer THE OFF, a series of free "pop-up" theatre throughout our season and THE ORIGINAL SHOW for FREE.

Creating art that is performed LIVE creates a synergy between audience, performer and piece. There is not a play without an audience. There is not theatre without performers. We are excited that we are able to offer our work to audiences for what they can pay. In our pass the hat scenario patrons are invited to FREE theatre. Then at the end we ask for an offering of what they can pay; from $0 - $5,000 we believe that what one gives balances out for another who may not be able to, but who is just as deserving and engaged in our work.

The Original show

The Original Show has become a tradition of creating live original theatre in Telluride. Created from scratch in a six week devising process that we have grown over the years, The Original Show is always unique and entertaining. We usually start with a theme or a strong concept and then improv, build and write from there. Past Original Shows include - CON (2011), Dude & Bro's Epic Adventure (2010), Alice Underground (2012), Dinner with Dionysus (2013) and many more.