TICKETS: $20 GA (Seating is Limited)
Telluride Theatre Members Receive Reserved Seats

DINNING WITH DIONYSUS: $75 per seat  (Only 10 Seats/Night)
• VIP Experience, Complete with Dinner & Wine sat at a VIP Table
• Experience the show in a WHOLE new authentic way.

DATE: DECEMBER 15 - 23 (No Show December 20)
TIME: 7pm
VENUE: The BOB (Black Box at the Palm Theatre)
BAR: Wine + Food will be available to purchase for your full enjoyment. 
AGES: 21+ Not Suitable For Children

Party Like its 1237 BC

An original show by Sasha Sullivan in collaboration with the cast & crew

Dionysus god of liberation, winemaking, wine, animals, plants, fertility, and ritual madness... the persecuted god, the mad one whose appearance sends mankind into mania, the suffering and dying god - invites you to dinner. Complete with wine, food and plenty of ecstatic pleasure.